Vaccination is important as it provides protection against highly infections and potentially deadly diseases. 

It is especially important in very young and older pets as they have weaker immune systems.

Providing a queen or bitch is vaccinated she will pass on some immunity against infections to her young through her milk for the first few weeks.  However this does not last forever! 

Vaccination enables your pet to develop the antibodies needed to fight common diseases that may be expensive to cure and life threatening.

Puppy and kitten vaccine courses consist of two injections a few weeks apart. 

Our prices below are for the whole vaccination course inc. VAT

Puppy Vaccination Course

£72.00 inc vat

Kitten Vaccination Course

Flu, enteritis and leukaemia £72.00 inc vat

Please note that we offer an additional 10% forces discount on vaccination prices

All puppy and kitten courses receive:

  • A full vaccination course
  • A full health check with a vet
  • 6 month check with a nurse




Microchipping £24.00 inc vat

All chips are registered in the surgery at the time of implant